31 7 / 2014

Traditional In Pink Nails

Hi Girls, how are you? Its raining cats and dogs in Mumbai and everything is dark and gloomy mostly. So it is of utmost importance to atleast wear bright nails to lighten up the day :P.

Traditional In Pink Nails

Ya, don’t you feel happy and exhilarated to look at pretty and bright nails? I feel totally merry and chirping seeing beautifully done nails. Seriously, almost all my irritation and tiredness disappears with a…

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28 7 / 2014

Fashion Inspired Nail Art

Hi Girls, I am again sharing an evergreen yet adorable nailart here :). Yes, its none other than Vintage Rose Nail Art.

Fashion Inspired Nail Art

They are so cute and feminine, how can a girl not like them? I was also looking for a light grey polish for very long time. I finally bought Sally Hansen Wet Cement and I am so happy. It’s a happy grey color, ya very unlike sad grey colors. And I finally got to use them.

Fashion Inspired Nail Art


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28 7 / 2014

Hi Friends, the theme for OMD2 Challenge today is “Bridal Nails” and here is my attempt. I have been wanting to do such a bridal nails for time immemorial and when I read this as a part of theme I was super excited.

Bridal Nails

This is what happens when you participate in a right kinna challenge, it will push you and teach you :). I am trying my best to participate everyday so that I can try new things.…

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26 7 / 2014

Hot Air Balloons on my Nails

Hi Girls, today is DAY 26 of OMD2 Challenge and the theme for today is “OUTDOOR”. It’s a lovely theme and I had so many ideas floating around in my mind. It opens doors to endless interpretations. But eventually, I settled for Hot Air Balloons.

Hot Air Balloons on my Nails

I have been swooning over these images from Bundle Monster CYO plates for so long. And finally when I saw the theme ‘Outdoor’, I was so excited to use…

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25 7 / 2014

Blog Sale Part 2

,Hi Girls, So here is the BLOG SALE – 2 !! I have put pictures and details of all items for sale below. Please ask if you need any more details. My friend Manisha has also put some of her items for sale to add some more fun. I hope you enjoy it :).

blog sale

Rules :

  1. Open for India only.
  2. Shipping Charges :  Flat Rs 100 for outside Mumbai. Shipping to Mumbai will be Rs 50. Still you can ask for estimate…

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