18 4 / 2014

Hi All, I am not going to be a story teller today because I am sharing this nail art half heartedly :( . I was so very tired mentally and physically when I did this nail art. No wonder it didn’t come out well :(

Mermaid Nail Art

I started off well and in the beginning it seemed like I will have something satisfactory to show. To begin with I used Maybelline Color show ‘Miss You Blue’ on all my nails. I was…

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15 4 / 2014

Lazy Day on Beach Nail Art

Hi Polish Lovers, I am drenched in colors and beaches and ice-creams this summer (not literally but true for my nails). Yup, and thats the reason my nails are turning yellow :( :(. So I thought why turn someone else’s nails yellow this time :P :P . Just kidding!!

I had been wanting to do some beach and sand nails for a while (along with the other untried gazzilion nailarts I had been aiming to do…

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12 4 / 2014

Inspired by My Summer Dress Nail Art

This is one of the very few nail arts that came out the way I had imagined it. If I have decided what I want on my nails, half my job is done because I spend like hours sitting in front of my dressing table and gazing at colors and tools. I spend hours to finalize which polish, method, tool, accessory and technique to use; so by the time I am actually “On” the task of doing nailart I am exhausted…

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07 4 / 2014

Summer Fruit Kiwi Nail Art

Hi friends, I have participated (at least I am trying my best to) in Popular Summer NailArt Challenge and I am trying my best to live up to the theme. The theme I am going to cover is “Fruits”. I know my nail art is something which was justified had I done it an year back when I was a novice.

Fresh fruit Kiwi Nail Art

But an year after I dived in nail art ocean, I know it’s not great :( :(. I wanted to get a kiwi on my…

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31 3 / 2014

Summer is Back Nail Art

Hi Sunshines, I mean literally sun is shining in full swing these days. Usually Mumbai doesn’t experience much heat but this time its not even April and the temperature is rising. So with the Sun smiling back at us, I thought why not welcome it with a Nail Art?

Summer is Back Nail Art

For this look I used:

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