28 9 / 2014

Tie and Dye Nail Art

Hi Fellas, its practically the end of this month and I have signed up for so many challenges. I am trying a ‘Tie and Dye’ nail art for the first time today.I am not sure how it came out but I happy I attempted. See that’s what happens when you participate in a ‘sensible’ challenge or participate in a challenge ‘sensibly’:). You try so many things which you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Tie and Dye Nail Art

This is…

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26 9 / 2014

Hello Sugars!! It’s the last week of September and the beginning of a lot of challenges that I have signed up for. Pheww!! I have tried a lot to participate in challenges in past but have never been able to do so in full spirit. I have always left them midway. But this time I am trying to be a bit more planned and structured. Let’s see how much I succeed.

Paint It Red Nail Art

This Nail Art is for:

  • Week 1 of “Autumn…

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21 9 / 2014

First Attempt-Scaled Gradient Nail Art

Hi Girls, I am jittery to share my nail art today because neither I am very fond of this nail art technique nor I am fond of the result :(.

Its the Scaled Gradient Nail Art first done by SimplyNaillogical. She did an awesome and I am no where near to it or anyone. But I have made an honest attempt, only you can say if I succeeded.

First Attempt-Scaled Gradient Nail Art

I used a nude base color from ‘Collection’ (a UK brand). I was so…

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19 9 / 2014

Neon Animal Prints and Flower Nail Art

Hi Fellas, I am sharing a month old nail art with you today. Well, this is no surprise I have too many nail arts to share with you at times and the frequency of posting doesn’t match up with the frequency of doing nail art. I was wearing this nail art on my way to Nepal.

Anyone who is regular here will know how I miss all the events to do my nail art for. On all the celebration days, important…

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17 9 / 2014

Back to School Nail Art

Hi Friends, September is ‘Teachers Day’ Month so I thought why not get some school memories on my nails. There were lots of ideas that crossed my mind but I was confused. I asked my dad to chose the image for my nail art. I lined many plates with school like theme and asked him to pick one. He went with this image from Moyou Scholar Plate 02 caught my fancy.

Moyou Scholar plate 02

It was just what I had in my mind.…

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