31 8 / 2014

Roses in Gold Nail Art

Hi Girls, how are you? It feels like I am actually writing a post after ages. The posts that you have been reading lately were all scheduled posts. So no writing actually in the month of august :(.

Roses in Gold Nail Art

I had been to Nepal for a mini vacation and things at home and office both kept me busy and away from you :P. Anyways, the nail art I am sharing today isn’t very new. I did them a month back but never…

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23 8 / 2014

Vintage “Toile de Jouy” Nail Art

Hi Girls, I have pretty and vintage print decal to share with you. Now to begin with what is “Toile de Jouy” ?  It is a cotton or linen fabric characterized by monochromatic prints on a light background. So they are delicate and classy by nature.

And I got these prints as nail decals for review from “La Vita e Bella Nail Decals Shop” for review. Its a Nail Art Decal shop on Etsy and have some…

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20 8 / 2014

Wet and Wild Mega Last 2% Milk Review

Hi Girls, I am in mood to share a nail paint I acquired last year, but is my top favourite till date. My travelling from US got it for me. I just saw it online and ordered for it, the name seemed unique :). I was in desparate need for a smooth glossy nude polish. They are a must have in every ones stash.

Wet and Wild Mega Last 2% Milk Review

Name :Wet and Wild Mega Last 2% Milk

Price and Quantity : Around $2.5 for 13.5 ml

Wet and Wild Mega Last 2% Milk Review

Color :…

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15 8 / 2014

Dragon Fly Nail Art

Hi Sugars, I tried something on my nails today I would not have tried otherwise. I tried Dragon Flies on my nails. I am not very fond of Dragon Flies and I have very faint memories  of actually seeing one.

I saw Dargon Fly as a theme on http://www.californails.com/and it clicked. Something different, isn’t it?

Dragon Fly Nail Art

I did this mani thrice :(. It is not at all a difficult mani but I missed something or…

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13 8 / 2014

Aussie Indie Polish Alanna Renne ‘Hedwig’ Review

Hi Girls, I am very excited to share my first Indie Polish Swatch. I am extremely fond of Indie polishes but the issue is availability in India. My friend was in Australia and she was coming back to India. She was supposed to come in January so I placed my order in December last year. But her trip got delayed by 6 months :(. So I saw these polishes after 6 months, longest I waited for a polish.…

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